Phase 1 Update – Broadway Stages

The final roof-top for Phase 1 of the Broadway Stages Solar PV Project was completed just over 12 months ago, and the results are now in – Broadway Stages has significantly reduced their energy supply charges from the local utility (upwards of 40%… well above what was first projected). In addition to reduced energy cost, the Project has benefited the environment through decreased carbon emissions while the local Greenpoint community has benefited directly from jobs at the project site, in addition to the indirect benefit of increased iced-coffee sales at our local coffee house – Café Grumpy – as all those project workers quenched their summer thirst.

A detailed analysis of these benefits will follow in a later posting, in addition to an update on Phase 2 of the Project, that being the laying of solar panels on the rooftop of the newly constructed Kingsland Avenue Studios.


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